My passion for creative expression arose as a consuming force early in my life. The architectural and artistic influence of my father helped forge my journey into the creative realms. An abundance of art classes exploring many mediums, lead the way to find my voice through creation.

Immersing myself in the fine arts through college and the eventual study of gemstones, solidified the direction of my creative path. 
As a Graduate Gemologist, I enjoyed a 16 year career in teaching the science of gemology at the Gemological Institute of America.

Today, my focus is on gemstones and working with metals - mostly sterling silver. As the metal moves I experience the unfolding of a piece and feel how a gemstone or pearl wants to work with it.  I'm inspired by the beauty of all nature's forms and this deep appreciation is reflected in my work.  For every piece that I create I know that there is a special individual who will cherish wearing it.  Joy and passion is the energy of my process.

Mary Wildman currently resides in the Bend OR area with her family.
Her Husband, Jeff, owns and operates Gem Products.